Referral Program Overview

Love our tea and have great contacts with other businesses? We’re looking for new business customers that want to provide their guests with the same amazing tea experience you provide. And we want to make it worth your while! Just refer a qualified business to us and, if they become a new customer within 6 months, you get 15% of the value of their first order as either a gift card for your personal tea stash or a business credit for future wholesale orders.

You know us as your tea supplier but we’re really a growing importer and blender of premium quality teas. Adding new business customers allows us to expand our horizons to uncover new sources around the world. This results in new products, blends, and ultimately lower prices. You have a great network of like-minded businesses and we’re asking for your help.

The referral program is really simple. Let your contact know we will be reaching out and complete the referral form above. The better you pave the way the more likely your referral becomes a new customer and we can give you credit.


How will referrals be submitted?

All referrals must be submitted using the form above. Provided nobody else has already made a submission for the same business the submitter will be “registered” as having made the referral.

How long is a referral good for? In other words, how quickly does a referral need to translate into a sale for credit to be given?

A referral must result in a new business customer order within 6 months from the date of submission for credit to be given. After 6 months the referral expires and is open for submission by someone else.

Is there a maximum amount of referrals or gift cards that may be earned.

There is no maximum that any one business or individual may earn although Dominion Tea may terminate the program at any time should we discover abuse or find that the program does not meet company objectives for any reason.

What information must be provided for a valid submission?

Business Name, City, State, Individual Point of Contact Name, Phone Number and/or Email. Your own name and email are required for credit to be given.

Are there any limitations?

  • A referral must be to an entirely new business with unrelated ownership to your current company. Referrals to subsidiaries, sister companies, and related do not count.
  • Referrals must be for businesses located within the United States. We do not sell outside the country or export.
  • Any type of business, other than those previously excluded above, qualifies so long as they legally have the right to operate.